BICO Firm ProtectTM

Coverage available for file portfolios. The easiest and most cost effective way to ensure all of your clients are protected.

Bespoke legal expense insurance solutions for file inventories in one policy.

Featuring fully flexible terms, exclusive features and the most favourable pricing for BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM.

Coverage Options

  • Standard Coverage from $15,000 to $300,000 per file (insuring all related claims).
  • Supplemental Coverage options for individual files at any stage of litigation.
  • Coverage available for abandoned, discontinued or dismissed claims.


  • NO upfront premium and NO premium if the claim is unsuccessful.
  • Starting at $300 per file (or 1.5% of the Standard Coverage Limit chosen).


  • Lawyer decides when coverage is triggered: from retainer, discovery or later.
  • Automatic coverage for all current and future files.
  • All related claims per client protected automatically.


  • One Firm ProtectTM policy between the Law Firm and BICO covers all files.
  • No plaintiff client signatures required.
  • No interim reporting obligations.
  • No control over litigation.

To obtain BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM, contact EasyInsure at or 1-800-679-2640.

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