BICO Risk Management Inc. ("BICO") has partnered with some of the leading insurers, global reinsurers and insurance brokers which collectively provide BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM for the benefit of plaintiffs and counsel across Canada.

BridgePoint Financial Services Inc.

BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. (“BridgePoint”) is a related company to BICO and is a leader in the provision of financing and risk management services to the litigation industry. Founded in 2005, BridgePoint has established deep relationships with legal counsel in a variety of disciplines including its primary emphasis on solutions to personal injury and class actions plaintiffs and counsel. BridgePoint provides certain management services for BICO. Other partners include BridgePoint Financial Securities Inc., BridgePoint Financial Services Limited Partnership I, BridgePoint Global Litigation Services Inc. and GLS Insurance Brokers Limited.

Omega General Insurance Company

Omega General Insurance Company (“Omega”) is a property and casualty insurance company that is regulated by the Canadian Government’s Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (“OSFI”). As a participant in the Canadian insurance industry, Omega is subject to significant regulations of the Canadian federal and provincial governments, including capital and solvency standards, restrictions on certain types of investments and periodic market conduct and financial examinations by regulators. Omega is the underwriter of the BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM legal expense insurance policies.

Belyer Insurance Limited, Belyer Insurance Brokers Limited o/a EasyInsure

EasyInsure, operated by Belyer Insurance Limited was founded in 2007 as Canada’s first ever full-service online insurance broker and is one of the fastest growing brokerages in Canada. EasyInsure is the broker of BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM legal expense insurance to clients.

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To obtain BICO Legal Cost ProtectionTM, contact EasyInsure at or 1-800-679-2640.

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